Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vaccines and Autism...So Perfect Together

When I first became a physician, I, too, was already brainwashed by my previous education and mostly conservative medical background. I simply thought the "anti-vaccine" movement among chiropractors was composed of kooks and left-wing health nuts.

Then, I educated myself. In 1981, I myself became allergic to Thimerosol which used to be the preservative in Bausch & Lomb's Contact Lens products, like saline. After investigating, I found that Thimerosol was actually MERCURY!! Yes, Mercury-the extremely toxic heavy metal that accumulates over time in the body!! You never eliminate it!

Yes-That same metal that they recently took out of all thermometers; that kills the fish and we are supposed to not even smell the VAPORS of....

Can you believe it is used to PRESERVE VACCINES???? That we inject this extremely toxic heavy metal directly into the bodies of infants hundreds of times???

Big Pharma has always denied the Thimerosol is a problem, but consider these facts:

1. There is an almost direct correlation with the rise in autism to the rise in the number of required vaccines since the 1960's.

2. In populations that do not vaccinate, like the Amish, there are almost NO cases of autism!

3. Even though they continually denied it was a problem, Big Pharma has systematically and deliberately been removing Thimerosol from vaccines over the last few years with no explained reason or press about it. Hmmmmm....

4. Refer back a few posts. NJ requires more vaccines for infants than any state!!

What do you think??

Health Angel

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