Friday, September 13, 2013

Girl severely damaged by Gardasil recounts horrifying medical ordeal while doctors call her a liar

(NaturalNews) Young girls everywhere are being permanently damaged by Gardasil. But instead of listening to this evidence of a shocking lack of safety in HPV vaccination shots, the doctors, vaccine pushers and drug companies insist all these young girls are lying.

That's the "compassion" of modern medicine: Harm young girls with a potentially deadly biological, then call them liars when they suffer debilitating health consequences. And Congress, for its part, has granted vaccine companies total blanket immunity from all lawsuits, just to make sure no one gets their day in court.

Read this highly emotional account of what happened to a girl named Ashley Adair from Georgia after she received the Gardasil shot. It was originally published on, a fantastic website covering the

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