Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chiropratic Care & MS: Perfect Together!


Multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, is an autoimmune disease where the immune system begins to destroy the outer layer of tissue that surrounds and protects the nerves, also known as myelin, in the brain and spinal cord. The deterioration of the myelin obstructs any communication between the nerves and brain. When the myelin is attacked, not only is the brain/body connection completely disrupted, but the nerves are eventually destroyed, resulting in debilitating complications.

Some of these symptoms include muscle spasms, stiffness, paralysis, problems with the reproductive organs concerning bathroom and sexual behavior, changes in brain function, including memory loss, erratic emotions, depression and even epilepsy. What is most unsettling about the disease is that it has the ability to affect virtually anyone at any age.

However, although it is unknown why multiple sclerosis affects certain people over others, there are certain trends that the disease seems to follow concerning infection. Caucasian women between the ages of 15 and 60 seem to be affected more than anyone else. There are is also evidence that suggests that if your parent or sibling has had the disease, then you have a greater chance of also coming down with it. The disease has also been found to occur more in southern Canada, northern United States, New Zealand, southeastern Australia and Europe. There has also been a link between multiple sclerosis and thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Living with multiple sclerosis is often described as debilitating due to its crippling symptoms. Many people suffering from MS become interested in alternative care in order to find some relief from the daily pain they experience. Although there is little scientific evidence as of right now, there have been many people living with MS that report getting alleviation from their incapacitating symptoms through chiropractic treatment. Patients claim to have higher energy, better muscular control and the ability to be more active in their daily life. Being able to diminish the pain plays a huge part in building confidence in patients with multiple sclerosis, which then aids in better management of the disease, according to doctor Nesanet Mitiku, MD, PhD. Mitiku encourages chiropractic care for patients who are interested in trying treatments, since it gives them a better outlook on living with the illness.

Although chiropractic doesn’t have the ability to treat the mental aspect of the disease, it  may be able to help with the physical side of MS. The nerve damage that occurs during the progression of multiple sclerosis can cause the spine and pelvis to become misaligned. Chiropractic manipulations may be able to realign both these skeletal areas, allowing the muscles to work more efficiently.