Monday, October 21, 2013

Dr. Murphy Presents: "The Healthcare Crisis in America"

Dr. Joseph J. Murphy was presented with a Kiwanis Legion of Honor award at the October 15 Kiwanis luncheon meeting held at Charlie Brown’s in Chatham Township. Past President Joan May (left in photo) announced that Joe has been a member of the club for 28 years.

Joe spoke to the club about “The Health Care Crisis in America.” Joe serves the Chatham area with the Suburban Chiropractic Center. He was introduced to the audience by David Lloyd, of Stickel, Frahn & Lloyd in Chatham.

He talked about how we got to where we are in health care. There was a time when the cost of health care was very low. Then, fees and costs started to slowly but steadily climb. Then, insurance coverage was added and employers started adding coverage as a benefit to employees. Cost of coverage grew so large that employers found that they could no longer afford to give it to employees.

Managed health care came into the picture to help control cost of insurance coverage. Fees paid to physicians were reduced to low levels. However, facilities and pharmaceutical cost were allowed to grow and Joe gave examples of how high these costs have grown. He also gave examples of how payments to physicians have fallen (relative to other costs). Americans are not entering medical schools because they cannot earn a living in that field of work.

Joe suggested several actions that would reduce the cost of health care. He also commented on Obama-care. Many companies will find ways around the provisions of this legislation. Many employees will be made part-time so they won’t be covered.

After a lively Q&A session, the audience enthusiastically applauded Joe’s insightful analysis of the Health Care Crisis in America.