Friday, April 20, 2012

Burger King tests bacon ice cream sundae while Pizza Hut serves up hot dog stuffed pizza crust

(NaturalNews) In the race to be the most offensive junk food providers in the world, U.S. fast food giants are rolling out disgusting and health-destroying menu concoctions that come close to activating the gag reflex.

Burger King, for example, is now actively testing a bacon sundae, consisting of a (processed, pasteurized) ice cream sundae with two strips of bacon shoved in it. It has all the artistry of a deep fried donkey turd, or maybe even a frozen vomit popsicle. But some people apparently love the idea of getting diabetes (processed ice cream) and cancer (processed bacon) in the same dish!

If you think I'm making all this up, this is actually a true story. It was reported by NPR ( and there's even a photo of the sign promoting the bacon sundae at GrubGrade ( You can find a picture and a "food review" of the bacon sundae at:
We took a pizza and stuffed it with hot dogs, then deep fried it and folded it in half to make a GIANT TACO!
Not to be left behind in the race to concoct the most offensive food possible, Pizza Hut has unveiled a new stuffed crust that's actually stuffed with hot dogs. This is pretty freaky, considering all the bizarre animal parts that hot dogs are stuffed with. Why not just call it Road Kill Pizza?

You can see a picture of this latest food monstrosity at CBS News:

I wonder... are these the hot dogs with normal levels of cancer-causing sodium nitrite, or are these the hot dogs with extra cancer-causing sodium nitrite?

It kinda makes you wonder what sort of person this food would appeal to in the first place. Are there really people out there who say, "Eating a PIZZA just isn't damaging enough to my health. I sure wish they could combine a pizza with HOT DOGS so I could enjoy my two favorite health-destroying foods in every delicious bite!"

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