Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Food, Fat and You...

I am constantly amazed at the myriad lies people accept as truth when it comes to food, nutrition, and weight loss.

In my class on Monday, April 7, at the Adult School of Chatham, Madison and Florham Park, (, I will try and dispel some of the rumors and misinformation concerning why people gain weight and have poor health due to what they eat.

The latest bunch of bunk concerns a study that showed that artificially sweetened soft drinks actually make you gain more weight. The conclusion was based on the flawed interpretation of the study. Yes, by fooling your brain into thinking you are eating sugar, your body will still crave the real sugar due to the fact that the artificial sweetener will not change your brain-blood sugar level even though it tastes sweet.

What they then jump to conclude is: Since you still want the real sugar, you end up having the sugary one anyway and now you drank 2 soft drinks: One with sugar and one with artificial sweetener.

I say this: If you drank water, seltzer, or an artificially sweetened beverage, you are still saving your body from the empty 150-400 calories. Period.

Remember: All of the studies that push you to take more drugs; eat more crap food; and pile on more sweets are financed by the people they serve. They are geared to drive you down the path of poor health and nutrition, and, apparently, they do their job well.

Why eat well and exercise, when you can do neither and just take drugs to mask the symptoms of poor health? Welcome to America!

Health Angel

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