Friday, April 4, 2008

Selling Sickness

You’re a publicly traded company. Analysts around the world monitor your stock. Your mandate is to produce a return on the investment made by millions of stockholders. If you fit this description and you manufacture and market drugs, you want as many “sick” people as possible.

If you sell blood pressure medicine, a way to sell more is to constantly lower the threshold of when someone has high blood pressure and supposedly “needs” your medication.

If you sell cholesterol-lowering drugs, you can sell more if you can lower the standard used to ascertain that someone has high cholesterol and has a cholesterol-lowering drug “shortage.”

If you sell medication to artificially alleviate the symptoms of poor digestion, you give it a name (how about acid reflux disease?) and hire a well-known celebrity (who doesn’t use the drug) to tout its benefits. And you sell more drugs. Stockholders are happy.

Many fall victim to the marketing trap set by these huge corporations. Think about it. Their profits come from selling drugs, not curing disease.
Turning more and more aspects of living, whether occasional depression, social anxiety, attention deficit or other symptoms, into a disease or medical condition sells more drugs. Wall Street knows that there’s a lot of money to be made by telling healthy people they’re sick.

You don’t have a drug shortage. Symptoms are merely signs something isn’t working correctly. What controls how your body works? Your nervous system, the true focus of chiropractic care. If you know someone who has been “sold” sickness, encourage them to find out about safe, natural and side-effect-free chiropractic care.

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