Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Save Me from Antibiotic Hell!!

As I write this this morning, millions upon millions of people are needlessly taking antibiotics for viral illnesses.

Now, mind you-I am definitely an antibiotic supporter. They have been life savers in many situations. Ever since I saw the movie in grade school on Lister's life and work, I was enthralled by the prospect that there was a time when the world knew nothing of "germs". Well, we know a lot more now, so why do MD's still allow their adult patients to take so many antibiotics when they know they are useless?

The American Academy of Pediatrics wised up many years ago when they realized that parents refused to leave Pediatrician's offices without a prescription for an antibiotic. They want eda pill to stop their kid's runny nose whether the doc thought it was needed or not. (Heck-isn't that what they were investing their time and hard earned money in to be there? WHERE'S MY KID'S DRUGS!!??).

They, The Academy, decided it was time to put a stop to this nonsense. They put out a policy paper that instructed Pediatricians not to give any more antibiotic prescriptions for non-bacterial illnesses-PERIOD!

Now, to the adults: If I see one more patient in my office who tells me: "Well, I went to my MD and he FINALLY gave me an antibiotic. As soon as I started to take it, I felt better!"...I think I am going to go bananas!

Don't you all understand? It is PSYCHOSOMATIC!! You feel better because you are making yourself feel better! You believe you feel better, so you do! It's called THE BODIES ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF, and your psyche is finally giving in to it.

Consider this:

1. ALL colds, bronchitis, coughs, even the flu are caused by VIRUSES, not bacteria. ANTIBIOTICS ARE USELESS!

2. Studies in Europe have shown that taking antibiotics may actually reduce your immune system's ability to fight viruses. That's right! You are making the problem WORSE!

3. Over use of antibiotics by misinformed adults is producing strains of SUPER BUGS-Bacteria that we can not control. Consider the killer Staph infections lately...Toxic Shock....the return of Tuberculosis! All caused by YOU over using antibiotics.

What should you do when you feel a cold coming on? I have always believed that it is a depressed immune system, not the presence of the virus alone, that causes viral infections.

Feel the sniffles? Rest, eat well-stay regular with your chiropractic adjustments....and get some more rest. Your body will do the work...and heal itself.

Health Angel

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