Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Can We Stop Kids From Taking Drugs When We Are "Drug Nation"?

Teens find their highs in parents’ drug chest

After Special Agent Douglas Collier of the Drug Enforcement Administration spoke at a conference on the abuse of prescription drugs, a sobbing woman came to him and told of her daughter’s near death from an overdose of the painkiller fentanyl.

“She said to me, ‘Agent Collier, now I understand,’” Collier said. The woman said her daughter had never had a particularly close relationship with her grandmother, but started visiting regularly in the last months of the dying woman’s life when she was being heavily medicated.

During those visits, Collier said, the young girl was raiding her grandmother’s trove of powerful
painkillers and using the medication to get high. “And the access point for that was the medicine cabinet,” Collier said.

Each year, experts say, a growing number of teenagers quietly turn to a seemingly unlikely source to score drugs: their parents’ medicine cabinets.

We are bombarded every day with TV, internet, and print ads that espouse the benefits of all kinds of drugs; for stomach ache, headache, backahe, depression, fibromyalgia-from birth control to sleepiness to sleeplessness to erectile dysfunction-yup, there's a pill for that!

We are such a drug culture, no one ever notices that almost 70% of TV ads and 80% of print ads are for.....DRUGS! Medicine is killing us....stop the madness NOW!

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