Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is "Saving" us from the FDA?

The Great Swine Flu Hoax of 2009,
Part II

I find it interesting....and alarming...that the FDA and our government spend so much time "saving" us from people who make claims that staying healthy to prevent infections ia better than "crisis treatment" of them. Read on!

Air "sterilizers." A photon machine. Supplement pills to boost the immune system. Protective shampoos and face masks. Even fake Tamiflu.

These and other products making bogus claims to prevent or treat swine flu are flooding the Internet as scam artists prey on the public's fears while the vaccine is delayed and real Tamiflu — made by Switzerland's Roche Group — is rationed.

Every problem, it would seem, is a sales opportunity. Some of the products appear to have been pitched for other emergencies, such as one called "Quake Kare" and masks and purifiers sold during the SARS scare.

Federal officials have sent warning letters to promoters of more than 140 swine flu-related products, including well-known alternative medicine advocate Dr. Andrew Weil for his "Immune Support Formula."

Really? Who, then, gets to send letters to the Big Pharma corporations that are making billions on the unnecessary and ineffective flu vaccines??

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