Saturday, February 21, 2009

As our Blog title states:

Man in Coma Has 'Miracle' Recovery
Wakes Up After Doctors Decided to Pull Plug

(Feb. 18) - A California man astounded his family and doctor alike when he awoke from a coma 96 hours after suffering a heart stoppage -- and just after the decision was made to take him off life support.

Mike Connolly, 56, , developed an arrhythmia on Jan. 31, California's North County Times reported. His heart stopped beating, and his wife, Loris, called 911.

Paramedics worked on Connolly for 35 minutes, performing CPR and shocking him with a defibrillator, before his heart re-started. Pulmonary physician Martin Nielsen told the North County Times that it's likely Connolly went without oxygen for at least 10 minutes -- which usually causes severe brain damage.

Doctors had deemed his condition hopeless, and his family decided to disconnect life support. Then he woke up.

"When we get a guy like Mike Connolly, it's almost like a miracle," pulmonary physician Martin Nielsen said. "I've never seen anybody come back like he has."

(Yeah-I bet they couldn't wait to get their greedy little hands on all those nice, fresh organs for expensive organ transplants! I bet the Docs are actually pissed-off! The perfect candidate....too bad they didn't get to the plug fast enough. Who is guarding YOUR plug??)


Anonymous said...

"I have read.. that Mamograms Can Cause cancer." ALso.. I don't trust the AMA , Insurance Companies.. and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Its a HUGE money maker.. and the Government is a part of it all. I am convinced.. by now.. with all the money invested in finding cures for cancer and other diseases.. that I beleive have been found.. however.. I beleive there are pay offs involved to not come out with this information. Because... think about it... if there was a cure found for cancer and other diseases that require a patient to be on medications their whole life.. machines.. or.. on going testing.. the drug companies.. pharmaceutic industry, insurance companies.. and doctors offices.. would all fall under where they are today.. because there would be a much less need for people to go visit and adhere to the AMAs standards set forth.. for what they consider to be a good quality of life.. which does not...include medications with extreme side effects that snowball into othere alignments, problems, and diseases. There is more medication being pushed and disbursted .. then preventative measures in place to keep people health from not.. being put on medication. Why is that is the AMA is our friend? Eating right and healthy VS. Medication.. lets see... That does not put money in the pockets of the Medical Establishments and all their..Counter partners.. even the Government. Its just a shame that so.. so.. many.. too many people fall victim and are brain washed and programed by the system.. and don't take their health into their own hands. We need to start turning more inside and to God.. and beleive that our bodies can heal itself.. and not put so much faith into the Medical Industry or Government. We need to re program our ways of thinking. The only one that in in control and power of our bodies and health is us. We can eat poorly.. not take vitamins and end up at the mercy of the system them all of our power to over medicate us.. long hospital stays.. extensive testing.. or.. we can listen to our bodies and re invest in our own ways to heal our body naturally. Its up to you.

Anonymous said...

"The Medical Industry.. And Everyone Involved.. Including The Government.. Are Snakes!.. They Are Not Your Friend!" Wake Up.. What is next? We might as well ... get micro chips planted under our skin.. so that we can't and don't escape the system.. the way they intend it to be and go down.. literally." Wake Up.. Because Health Care .. Should Be Re Named.. Its More Of A Death Sentence.. look around.. The Medical Industry and Drug Pushers Involved are no differen't then the ones on the street.. the only difference.. is the Government approved the dispencing of perscriptions.. with all the side effects involved that can cause more disease and cancer. Its a money maker as well as a way to thin out the population. If.... the Government and Medical Community wanted us to be healthy and have health on our side.. the organic and whole fruits would be less expensive for us to buy and invest in .. but they are not! Its the opposite.. The food stores are all.. about.. us buying processed foods that are cheaper to buy. Sugar causes cancer in laboratory animals. Yet.. its regulated. Its poison! Why is it on the market? Sugar causes cancer.. which brings more money to be generated into the Medical Community. My best friend is a RN.. she told me. ... straight up.. that Radiation of any kind contributes to cancer.. Chemo can and does kill you.. some last longer then others.. then the cancer will without a doubt come back somewhere else. And.. She had suspicious breast lumps and they want her to wait.. a year.. before they take another look.. instead of taking them out NOW.. and calling it a day.. why wait for them to become cancer? Because it makes them ALOT more money and she has the insurance as a nurse that covers everything.. they can milk her dry. What A Scam. My mother and grandmother never seen a GYN in their lives.... except as teenagers. Both never had cancer.. None of my mothers family. Its a Money Maker. Please Wake Up.. We Are A Sad Nation to depend on the Government and trust them and the Medical Community as if they are on our side and our friends? Please People... Look into natural means to heal the body.. eat whole foods.. find a Natropathic Doctor.. Hollistic Practitioner.. Please beleive in yourself and your body.. Try Tong Ren.. It cures cancer and destroys tumers in people .. You Tube it "Tom Tam" Tong Ren.. IT is real and works! Its all about energy.. we are all energy and vibrate on a frequency level. Eistein Knew This ..why don't we? Energy in healing can be transmitted through/by the phone or computer.. Energy travels.. Bioffeedback. Its all natural. It won't kill you. Medication.. radiation and chemo will kill you~ Xrays and Mamograms will too. Doctors want to diagnose or..mis diagnose cancer to treat you.. Please.. they are not on your side!