Monday, March 3, 2008

Did You Die from the Bird Flu yet?

Has your doctor encouraged you to get a flu shot? Perhaps you've heard dire predictions of the "worst flu season in years" and want to make sure you're protected? Well, here's the rub: Flu shots are neither as safe nor effective as you've been lead to believe.

It turns out the government and certain interested parties have worked very hard to convince you the flu vaccine is your best protection against the flu. And that just isn't true. In fact, most of what you've been told about the vaccine is a myth.

A special research alert from the researchers at the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) debunks those myths with the facts. For example, you've probably seen this very scary (but not quite true) statistic put out by the CDC: "The flu kills 36,000 people each year

The facts are quite different, however. When the HSI research team dug deeper they found that, according to a 2005 report from the CDC itself, influenza (the flu) is listed as a cause of death for just 1,806 people in the US. The big, scary 36,000 number is a result of lumping deaths from pneumonia into the CDC's flu-related death statistic, but pneumonia kills roughly 50 times more people on an annual basis than the flu. And the flu vaccine has absolutely no preventative or protective effect against pneumonia.

And that's just one of the facts surrounding the flu shot you need to know. For example:

Does the flu shot protect against all strains of the flu? NO! Only 2 or 3 of 100's
Does the flu shot contain unsafe ingredients (like mercury and anti-freeze)? YES! It STILL contains Mercury in most cases
Why does the CDC push the flu shot so aggressively? BIG PHARMA
Does the flu shot save lives? Not many, if any.
There are safe, natural ways to protect you from getting the flu - no vaccine needed. They are called HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES!


Anonymous said...

The flu shot is worthless!! There were less cases of the flu 2 years ago when there was a vaccine shortage than in the last 20 WITH the vaccine!!

Anonymous said...

I had the same feelings about the current swine flu scare. I've never been a proponent of flu vaccine for the reasons you state. I never really considered the big pharma angle; now I wonder.